Insignia NS-SB316 Review

Insignia NS-SB316 Review | First Hand Impressions

Welcome to our in-depth Insignia NS-SB316 Review. A Soundbar is a long term investment and should be worthwhile. This means that the system you choose must perform better and louder than your TV’s speakers. In simple, your soundbar system must be able to amp up the sound from your television.

This is where the Insignia NS-SB316 Review Soundbar comes in. It is not merely a soundbar system! It is, in fact, a complete home theater solution with an incredible audio quality that enhances your TV-watching experience and comes under the category of the best soundbar under 150 dollar range.

It has a streamlined profile that saves space and produces a booming bass with a high-quality sound via its powerful output drivers.

Insignia NS-SB316 Review | Lets Get into It

The Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar comes with a wall-mounting template that makes it easier to setup and customizes it as per your needs. A remote control comes with your package giving you full control over your soundbar system and allowing you to change setting from any position in the room.

Insignia NS-SB316 Review

Below I have shared my personal review of Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar system highlighting all of its features and specification in detail. Grab a cup of coffee and take your time to read through the details.

Not to mention that although it is a simple audio gear, still it sounds better than most of the soundbars in the market.


Insignia NS-SB316 Review

The Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar is a 3.5 by 28-inch audio gear and weighs 7 pounds. It has a beautiful trapezoid shape with a rectangular Insignia logo in the middle of its soft front grille. You can find the control buttons and light-up power button on the center of its top edge while on its back it holds a 3.5 mm line input with a stereo RCA input and a subwoofer output as well.

You can easily connect a separately bought subwoofer and enjoy the thrilling sound experience. For controlling the system via the Insignia HDTV, there is an INcontrol cable jack that allows you to do so.

Also, there are dual switches for using your soundbar with other devices such as a subwoofer.

However, a minor drawback is that the Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar doesn’t have any optical audio output which could provide simpler and higher quality audio connects with the HDTV’s, Blue-ray players and other home theater devices.

In addition, the lack of 5.1 channel makes it incapable of offering simulated surround sound effect, however; it still sounds perfect, louder and clearer.

Insignia NS-SB316

It comes with a 6.8-inch remote control that is user-friendly with simple buttons for Power, Input, Volume, Subwoofer and Audyssey Dynamic Volume Levels. What I don’t like about this remote control is that it has separate buttons for Off, Light, Medium and Heavy levels which could have been replaced with a single button as it doesn’t come with a subwoofer and Audyssey Dynamic Volume settings. This could make the remote control a bit more compact.

Overall, the Insignia system is simple and can surely fulfill all your audio needs. It is better than many other brands in the market and comes at a very reasonable price.

Simplicity at its Peak

Although the Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar comes with some impressive features still, it is a simple system. Although it comes as a single unit with no extra accessories, still it has extra ports for connecting a subwoofer or rear satellite speakers to enhance your audio experience.

The sound quality itself is outstanding. It produces an incredible bass and treble that spreads throughout the room and is clearer and louder than your thin TV speakers. Also, it has a smart and sleek look that gives an elegant touch to your room and adds a lot to its décor.

Other Specifications

Insignia NS-SB316

Your Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar comes with an active amplification type with a nominal output power of 39 Watt. The frequency response ranges from 150 Hz to 15000Hz and is exceptional. It also comes with an integrated audio amplifier that surely boosts the sound quality.

Moreover, it offers both wired and wireless connection with a Sound Field Program for control. Likewise, most of the soundbars it also comes in matte black color only that looks sleek and shiny. You can easily mount it on the wall in mounting brackets or a bar shelf or simply place it in front of your TV. Its smart ergonomics doesn’t block your TV’s IR blaster.

Furthermore, it also has Bluetooth connectivity options allowing you to stream music directly from your smartphone, tablets, and other Bluetooth operated devices. It is also backed by solid one-year warranty by the manufacturer.

Overall Performance

Insignia NS-SB316 Review

The Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar uses 120 watts of peak power alone and gives a great punch to the audio quality. It also supports dual 3.5-inch woofers, 2-inch midrange drivers and 0.8-inch tweeter that collectively gives a dynamic audio output. All of these drivers help to pump out a modest stereo soundscape and certainly expresses some great performance.

It perfectly complements Sony HDTV and speakers, however; you can always connect it with other TV brands and even gaming platforms as well. Although in a small room it may seem overwhelmingly louder, still the sound quality doesn’t feel pinching into the ears. You can always adjust the bass and treble via the remote control and adjust it to your optimum level.

Insignia NS-SB316 Review

What’s more intriguing about Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar is that it comes at a pretty reasonable price as compared to other soundbars with the same features. It surely is a great replacement for your TV’s anemic speakers, however; don’ consider it to give a surround sound effects as it doesn’t come with supporting audio gears like subwoofers or rear satellite speakers.


You can enhance your audio experience with the Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar. Although it may not give the same results as that of home theaters, still at such a reasonable price it is a great addition to overcoming the thin sound of your TV’s built-in speakers.

It is a space saving solution as well. Check out its price and more details on Amazon.

Top Running Shoes for Flat Feet Runners

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet People


You may or may not know that your flat feet require specific running shoes for flat feet. You’ll know that your feet are flat when your arch is fallen or flat. You will know this thanks to your wet foot test that you can do by yourself at home. You may not know yet that flat feet tend to be more prone to injuries because of lack of support from top part of the body.


The most proper way to deal with this matter is by replacing your shoes with ones which are designed purposely for flat feet. These best running shoes for flat feet will keep your feet secure and comfortable when doing activities. These pairs will keep the injury at bay. You will also notice the perks when you wear these to your favorite gym, or just exercise at home.


Nike LunarGlide 8



Those who have been relying on this popular brand have the privilege to get stick to their favorite. LunarGlide series have been mastering some markets in different countries. Now it provides such great pair of shoes for flat feet runners with their LunarGlide 8. LunarGlide is prevalent for both men and women. The unique shoes have ample amount of colors options. However, you will capitalize more than just fashionable shoes from Nike. These are the lightweight and flexible shoes that you need for mild support and cushioning. The upper part of the shoes has a fantastic breathable mesh which will provide maximum comfort for your feet. You will be able to do activities for hours with these shoes. Not to mention that it has the Dynamic Fit Technology which will help to keep your feet safe, secure, and fit. Then there is the Dynamic Support which provides stability. With such amount of features, there is no reason to overlook this running shoe pair from your wishlist.



Asics Gel Kayano 24



This pair of shoes is a great product for all folks with flat feet. It is very popular because of its high amount of cushioning and very great for long distance training. It is a perfect shoe pair for heavy duty use. If you are an everyday trainer, the Asics Gel Kayano 24 is the right one for you. This pair is a perfect one for those who are planning to train routinely. If you are up to half or full marathons, then you will need something reliable to work with overpronation. It is also very great for medium distances.




Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2



Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 is the perfected version of its predecessor. For flat feet folks, these shoes are truly amazing. Its most selling point is its lightweight aspect with such great performance for rigorous activities. It has such responsive cushioning for good support. Despite the lightweightedness, it has such astonishing stability for a fast shoe pair. You could also notice that the upper part of the shoes fit nicely on flat feet. These shoes are purposely designed for folks who are up to good support and stability when they run. As it is lightweight, it is also a significant feature to provide speed and comfort as well.





Saucony Mirage 5



If you need a flexible pair of shoes with mild support, then Saucony Mirage 5 is the best product in the market to check. It comes with different models for men and women, as well as the different color options to fit everyone’s personal preference. You will be stunned with the good quality of breathable mesh upper which comes with FlexFilm overlays which feature the lightweight aspect for trainers. The TPU arc built inside the shoes provide ample stability. These shoes have everything to support your training.




Mizuno Wave Creation 17



Wave Creation is a perfect choice for those who just want to wear a pair for any activity. Although these are categorized as running shoes, you could wear these for walking, running, and even working out. This is one of the most versatile pairs in the market, thanks to its height platform and flexibility. The shoes are constructed of the lightweight material, focusing on versatility that can be capitalized by the wearer. The Smooth Ride fluid motion uttered by these shoes is the reason why it is a prevalent choice for flat feet wearers. Not to mention the good quality of the upper which is made of flexible mesh dynamotion fit technology to provide you the great experience of running. The Wave Creation 17 is available for men and women, coming with tons of incredible colors choices.




Saucony Hurricane 15



Hurricane 15 is definitely a pair for you. It comes with ample benefits and perks. Also, it is a perfect option for both men and women. The fantastic support is uttered by the power grid midsole. For stability, it comes with the heel-locking system in the frame of the shoes. For those who suffer from overpronation or simply have flat feet, Saucony Hurricane 15 is definitely yours. It is lightweight and supportive. With the latest technology infused in the structure of the shoes, now the flat feet folks will not be deterred by the bulkiness of the sneakers anymore. The design of the lightweight running shoes allows you to move and run fast without hindered.


Brooks PureCadence 5



Brooks has been popular in the world of runners. There are sensible reasons why you can’t go wrong with Brooks brand, especially Brooks PureCadence 5. Despite the minimalistic minimum support, the good construction of the shoes will give you the ability to hit the road and track without feeling pain and exhausted. Each component of the shoes really does nail it. The lightweight shoes are available for both men and women. You will be able to choose amazing colors options which will give you self-confidence when wearing them. The mesh uppers are breathable, maximizing the comfort for your flat feet. These shoes let you experience the minimalistic fitness. The most selling point of these pairs is their DNA midsole cushioning system which is purposely designed to create a fantastic running experience for all users.

Inov-8 Race Ultra 270 First Impressions

I had been patiently awaiting the release of the Inov-8 Race Ultra 270s from the moment I first heard about them. When Inov-8 released the Race Ultra 290 I was excited to try it until I read it had an 8mm drop. To date, my go-to trail shoe has been the Inov-8 Trailroc 245 (I’ve put rougly 340 miles on them). With a 6mm footbed, and a 3mm heel to toe drop, it’s a fairly minimal trail shoe. It still has a rockplate though to protect from a direct impact. With my trail shoes having a 3mm drop, and my road shoes having a 4mm drop, I was not in the market to go with “more shoe.” Enter the Race Ultra 270 review. It has all of the features of the 290, making it ideal for longer distances over varied terrain, but with a 4mm drop. My intent is to use these for the Kettle Moraine 100k this June.

Here is what Inov-8 has to say about them.

The new lighter, racing version of the race ultra™ weighs in at just 270g and brings the athlete closer to the terrain with its reduced 4mm drop. Offers optimal cushioning and comfort for the long-distance athlete racing over trails and mountains, while also delivering increased levels of proprioception. A flatter outsole ensures a stable ride when fatigue sets in. Clip a race ultra™ gaiter onto inov-8’s unique on-the-shoe attachment system to ensure all debris is kept at bay.

Nike Free 3.0 v4: Initial Thoughts

I have a long history with the Nike Free Trainer 3.0 v4 review line. Back in early 2009, the original Free 3.0 was my first foray away from stability shoes, and it was the shoe that convinced me that I did not need a lot of support and structure in a running shoe. I fell in love with that shoe from the moment I put it on my feet, and I still have a soft spot for it.

I next used the Free 3.0 v2 a bit as a work shoe (bought a pair in black), but it somehow lacked some of the elegance of the original, and the narrowness of the 3.0 started to bother me a bit. I subsequently passed on the v3 as it represented only a minor update from the v2. The Free 3.0 v4, just released a few weeks ago, is a completely re-designed shoe from bottom to top. I thought I’d write up a few preliminary thoughts about them now that I’ve had them for about a week.

First and foremost, be warned that the 3.0 v4 is a low-volume, relatively narrow running shoe. I initially ordered my usual size 10 from Running Warehouse, but the shoe was incredibly tight and there was no way it was going to work for me. However, it looked great and seemed like my kind of shoe in all other respects (lightweight, flexible, 4mm drop, etc.), so I decided to exchange for a 10.5 and see if that would work. The 10.5 felt a bit better, but was still tighter than I typically like. I found that removing the insole improved the fit quite a bit – it’s one of those awful memory foam (aka, sensation-robbing) style insoles that I have come to despise. I swapped in the very thin insole from a pair of Skechers Go Bionics, and the fit was improved enough that I opted to keep the shoes and give them a go on a run.

8 Tips For Selecting Track Spikes

Finding the right pair of track spikes might seem like a daunting task to anyone getting into track and field for the first time, but after spending a bit of time learning about which spikes will work for each event, it doesn’t have to be. There is no magic or witchcraft involved with track spikes, the simple explanation is that a lighter and stiffer pair of shoes will help you improve your times over any distance. Many manufacturers will create specialized spikes for each group of events, and any running specialty store will have employees well versed with the benefits and disadvantages of each design.

For instance, sprinting spikes will have a stiff plate underneath the entire foot, and will promote running on the toes to provide maximum forward motion over the course of the event. The disadvantage to these shoes is that they are not suited for longer distance races, since the footstrike will favor power over economy. On the other hand, distance and mid-distance track spikes will have a thin heel and provide minimal cushioning to the foot, which will enable the wearer to use them over these longer races.

Your Event

Know which discipline the athlete is competing in. For high school age and older track athletes, this should be evident by the first few weeks of practice, and definitely before the first competition. For younger athletes who might still be in the developmental stages, event specialization might not be very easy to determine. If there is no specific specialization for youth competitors, the best track shoes choice would be to err on the side of caution and cushion, and choose a spike suited for distance competition. This also has the added benefit of allowing the athlete to choose which events he or she enjoys at a later time. As sprinting spikes require strong lower legs to stay on the ball of the foot, a younger athlete may be at a disadvantage using them for events such as the 400 m if they have not completely developed these muscles yet.