Insignia NS-SB316 Review

Insignia NS-SB316 Review | First Hand Impressions

Welcome to our in-depth Insignia NS-SB316 Review. A Soundbar is a long term investment and should be worthwhile. This means that the system you choose must perform better and louder than your TV’s speakers. In simple, your soundbar system must be able to amp up the sound from your television.

This is where the Insignia NS-SB316 Review Soundbar comes in. It is not merely a soundbar system! It is, in fact, a complete home theater solution with an incredible audio quality that enhances your TV-watching experience and comes under the category of the best soundbar under 150 dollar range.

It has a streamlined profile that saves space and produces a booming bass with a high-quality sound via its powerful output drivers.

Insignia NS-SB316 Review | Lets Get into It

The Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar comes with a wall-mounting template that makes it easier to setup and customizes it as per your needs. A remote control comes with your package giving you full control over your soundbar system and allowing you to change setting from any position in the room.

Insignia NS-SB316 Review

Below I have shared my personal review of Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar system highlighting all of its features and specification in detail. Grab a cup of coffee and take your time to read through the details.

Not to mention that although it is a simple audio gear, still it sounds better than most of the soundbars in the market.


Insignia NS-SB316 Review

The Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar is a 3.5 by 28-inch audio gear and weighs 7 pounds. It has a beautiful trapezoid shape with a rectangular Insignia logo in the middle of its soft front grille. You can find the control buttons and light-up power button on the center of its top edge while on its back it holds a 3.5 mm line input with a stereo RCA input and a subwoofer output as well.

You can easily connect a separately bought subwoofer and enjoy the thrilling sound experience. For controlling the system via the Insignia HDTV, there is an INcontrol cable jack that allows you to do so.

Also, there are dual switches for using your soundbar with other devices such as a subwoofer.

However, a minor drawback is that the Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar doesn’t have any optical audio output which could provide simpler and higher quality audio connects with the HDTV’s, Blue-ray players and other home theater devices.

In addition, the lack of 5.1 channel makes it incapable of offering simulated surround sound effect, however; it still sounds perfect, louder and clearer.

Insignia NS-SB316

It comes with a 6.8-inch remote control that is user-friendly with simple buttons for Power, Input, Volume, Subwoofer and Audyssey Dynamic Volume Levels. What I don’t like about this remote control is that it has separate buttons for Off, Light, Medium and Heavy levels which could have been replaced with a single button as it doesn’t come with a subwoofer and Audyssey Dynamic Volume settings. This could make the remote control a bit more compact.

Overall, the Insignia system is simple and can surely fulfill all your audio needs. It is better than many other brands in the market and comes at a very reasonable price.

Simplicity at its Peak

Although the Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar comes with some impressive features still, it is a simple system. Although it comes as a single unit with no extra accessories, still it has extra ports for connecting a subwoofer or rear satellite speakers to enhance your audio experience.

The sound quality itself is outstanding. It produces an incredible bass and treble that spreads throughout the room and is clearer and louder than your thin TV speakers. Also, it has a smart and sleek look that gives an elegant touch to your room and adds a lot to its décor.

Other Specifications

Insignia NS-SB316

Your Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar comes with an active amplification type with a nominal output power of 39 Watt. The frequency response ranges from 150 Hz to 15000Hz and is exceptional. It also comes with an integrated audio amplifier that surely boosts the sound quality.

Moreover, it offers both wired and wireless connection with a Sound Field Program for control. Likewise, most of the soundbars it also comes in matte black color only that looks sleek and shiny. You can easily mount it on the wall in mounting brackets or a bar shelf or simply place it in front of your TV. Its smart ergonomics doesn’t block your TV’s IR blaster.

Furthermore, it also has Bluetooth connectivity options allowing you to stream music directly from your smartphone, tablets, and other Bluetooth operated devices. It is also backed by solid one-year warranty by the manufacturer.

Overall Performance

Insignia NS-SB316 Review

The Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar uses 120 watts of peak power alone and gives a great punch to the audio quality. It also supports dual 3.5-inch woofers, 2-inch midrange drivers and 0.8-inch tweeter that collectively gives a dynamic audio output. All of these drivers help to pump out a modest stereo soundscape and certainly expresses some great performance.

It perfectly complements Sony HDTV and speakers, however; you can always connect it with other TV brands and even gaming platforms as well. Although in a small room it may seem overwhelmingly louder, still the sound quality doesn’t feel pinching into the ears. You can always adjust the bass and treble via the remote control and adjust it to your optimum level.

Insignia NS-SB316 Review

What’s more intriguing about Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar is that it comes at a pretty reasonable price as compared to other soundbars with the same features. It surely is a great replacement for your TV’s anemic speakers, however; don’ consider it to give a surround sound effects as it doesn’t come with supporting audio gears like subwoofers or rear satellite speakers.


You can enhance your audio experience with the Insignia NS-SB316 which is classified as one of the top rated sound bars . Although it may not give the same results as that of home theaters, still at such a reasonable price it is a great addition to overcoming the thin sound of your TV’s built-in speakers.

It is a space saving solution as well. Check out its price and more details on Amazon.