Five Superb Diet Friendly Snacks to Have on Hand at All Times

Cutting down to three square meals a day and keeping your craving in check is something that many find quite difficult, dieting requires discipline and will power in order to work, however not everyone can survive on only three meals throughout their day. People often cheat on their dieting schedule because they cannot keep their hunger in check, one diet friendly way of making sure that your stomach does not override your brain is to carry some healthy diet snacks with you. Food items that provide your body with just the right amount of calories to make it to your next meal, allowing you to stay true to your diet plan and also quell any unnecessary cravings.

Here are five easy to carry healthy snacks that are bound to make dieting much more bearable for you.

Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are incredibly high in fibre and tasty to boot, a mere cup of chickpeas can provide you with half of your body’s required daily fibre intake. They are also rich with a variety of beneficial minerals and have a really low amount of fat. You can roast chickpeas in order to add a savoury and crunchy touch to them that will make them more enjoyable to consume, roasting chickpeas is quite easy, all you need is olive oil, salt and a bit of pepper. If you find the roasting part to be a hassle them you can simply buy ready to eat roasted chickpeas as well.

Protein Bars

Protein bars can be a great source of protein, fibre and other key nutrients, they also taste really good and can be eaten on the go quite easily. Protein bars are great, but when shopping for them, you should make sure to check that you do not end up buying ones with excessive saturated fats and artificial sweeteners.

Greek Yogurt

If you are more of a fan of diary then Greek Yogurt can be a superb healthy snack, its rich, creamy texture and tart flavour makes it a delicious source of protein with next to zero cholesterol and saturated fats. Just like with protein bars, make sure that you do not buy Greek yogurt that contains artificial sweeteners of any kind.

Peanut Butter And Banana

Nature’s energy bar (aka the banana), this weird yellow fruit is a great source of potassium and energy and can be carried without any trouble, you can combine your banana snack with a spoonful of peanut butter in order to make up for the lack of protein in the fruit and come up with a great diet snack that you can have between meals.

A Cup of Bean Soup

If you have the option to heat water then you can make an incredibly fulfilling diet snack; bean soup. Beans are a great source of vitamin B, iron and other beneficial nutrients that can fill you up with energy, a single cup of this soup can provide you with a healthy dose of energy that will keep you in good shape till the time for your next meal.

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