Which Digital Camera is Best for Me ?

Buying a new digital camera can be quite a daunting task and there are some questions you should ask yourself first, one of them being which is the Best Digital Camera for me and…

For what purpose will you be using your new digital camera and a price that will fit your budget. Or putting it another way, do you plan to buy a digital camera to take family holiday photos or are you planning to become a photographer.

The simple and relatively cheap digital cameras costing $100 plus and having a 2-3.5 mega pixel range would be sufficient for recording your vacation and party pictures.

But if you want a greater quality image, then at a little over $200, a camera considered my many as one of the best Point and Shoot Digital Cameras, I suggest you take a look at the Pentax OPTIO M-20 which has a 7 mega pixel image and a large 2.5 inch LCD screen and delivers incredibly sharp images.

The only drawback to these lower priced cameras are their small size and light-weight, compromising on the battery life and the power output of the flash.

If your planning to become a photographer, one of the Best Rated Digital Cameras you could start with is the Canon EOS Rebel XTi, boasting a 10.10 mega pixel image. This digital slr camera is for the serious photographer, producing very high quality images and a range of features previously only found on the Pro version of the Canon EOS digital camera range.

I have seen prices for this new camera kit including the Canon EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, ranging between just under $600 to as much as $799. It pays to shop around… This camera gets my seal of approval. Check out this Canon Digital Rebel XTi Camera Review.

Another question you could ask is this, will to day’s digital camera give me a better image quality than the the good old Film Camera.

The answer is YES it certainly will in 90% of all cases, especially if your working in a small format size, say the equivalent of the 35mm. SLR film camera.

If your happy to just ‘Point and Shoot’ and all you need is the simplest of cameras to record your holiday photos, most definitely the digital camera is the wise choice to make.

The biggest advantage you have with Digital Photography, is that you can view your images immediately and make adjustments to the exposure and other settings on the spot and that certainly beats the service of a 1 hour photo lab.

For the Professional Photographer, it gives him choices. If for example he is shooting with a ‘Medium Format’ camera, which has a much larger image size than the 35mm. SLR camera, he can obtain excellent results even if he is using Film.

However, for over a decade now, studio based Professional Photographers tend to use digital backs that will attach to a variety of specially adapted Medium Format cameras such as Hasselblad, Rollei, Mamiya or large studio view cameras. The drawback here is that this is one expencive piece of hardware to buy and unless you happen to be a serious pro’ photographer, it would be wise to avoid this kind of outlay right now.

I have said in the past that if you still use a 35mm. SLR film camera and you have your 1 hour digital photo lab transfer your negs to CD, high quality results can be obtained, but you wont surpass the Mega Pixel image quality from the high-end DSLR digital cameras.

Available to the non professional photographer to day is for example, a 7 mega pixel image camera mentioned above, giving an image quality in some cases good enough to be used professionally, keeping in mind that digital cameras that offer 10.10 or 12 Mega Pixels image quality are already in the realms of high quality professional image cameras that many Professional Photographers are happy to use.

Also it’s interesting to note that the price now of a 7 mega pixel image digital camera costs around the same price as a 3.5 mega pixel image digital camera a little over two years ago!

I’m often asked “which digital camera is best for me”, and my answer to that question is simply, What application is the camera for.

If your a Pro Photographer shooting fashion photography in the studio or on location, the preferred choice is the Medium Format Camera, with a specially fitted digital back, as described above.

Similarly the Still Life Photographer, in most cases would choose a 5″x4″ inch view camera fitted with a digital back.

If your a Press Photographer or Paparazzi Photographer, your choice almost exclusively, is the Digital SLR Camera, a selection of telephoto lenses and a dedicated Speed Light Flash Unit, attached to the camera via the hot shoe.

There are many good digital cameras out there, of which two cameras stand out as being the most popular of them all, not only with the professional but the non professional photographer alike.

I would like to add before we name names, we are talking about cameras systems and I will be quick to point out there also are many other camera makers and in the opinion of other photographers and the manufacturers are as good if not better than the two makers mentioned below, not to mention the undying loyalty of the photographers that have bought them. Also I do not intend to discuss all the individual models here.

The best rated digital cameras in question are the Canon EOS digital camera and the Nikon digital camera, these are the most popular cameras among the Pro and non pro Photographers alike.

If you don’t believe me, next time you get a chance to watch the press or paparazzi photographers at work, check out the gear that most of them are using. I think you’ll find around 80% of all photographers at that gig are using Canon and Nikon cameras and all the rest are a close second, and that’s a fact!


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